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South Gippsland Landcare Network about?

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Agnes River District Landcare Group

The Agnes River and District Landcare Group was formed in 1994 and aims to promote the vision of Landcare principles by working towards a su... Read More


Allambee Community Landcare Group

The Allambee Community Landcare Group was formed in 1994 and aims to maintain and improve the ecological status of the area, by weed and feral a... Read More


Allambee South Landcare Group

The Allambee South Landcare Group was formed in the early 1990's, has approximately 23 Landcare member families at present and strives to enhanc... Read More


Arawata Landcare Group

The Arawata Landcare Group was formed in 1997 and has 60+ member families. The Arawata Landcare Group works towards a sustainable and productive... Read More


Friends of Strzelecki Koala

The Friends of Strzelecki Koala is a group supporting the Strzelecki Koala- a unique population of koala found in the Strzelecki Ranges in S... Read More


Franklin River Landcare Group

The Franklin River Landcare Group was formed in 1990, has 60 or more member families and strives to enhance catchment health and sustainable bio... Read More